What should I expect when visiting at St. John's?

We gather for worship every week at 8:30 and 10:45 a.m. You should expect to be greeted with love and care, and always ask whatever questions you have while there.


The two services currently have the same format - but a different feel. People of all ages come together to pray and be strengthened in faith. We come completely as we are, confident that God receives all God’s beloved children. We are fed and nourished to be sent into the world to live more fully as the people God calls us to be. 


Kids are welcome in every part of worship - participation, leadership, specific roles as candle lighters, readers, communion assistants. There is a prayground area in the front of the sanctuary, provided activities for little hands that are related to the theme of the day. There is also a staffed nursery.


The 8:30 worship is a quieter service, more introverted, and does not usually include special music from the choir. It is a more intimate group.


The 10:45 service follows Sunday School and adult education, and is more extroverted. There are more children at this service, with the playground area usually packed, and the choir almost always is part of the worship. There may be other music offerings as well, with a mix of style and instruments.


The elements of historical Lutheran worship are all there: Confession and Forgiveness, readings from the Bible, a sermon, Holy Communion, Prayer, and Music. An offering is received to support the ministry of the community locally and in the world. At the end, we are blessed and sent, with a reminder that this worship strengthens us for being the beloved children of God in the week ahead.