Get Involved

You are encouraged to participate in any of these committees or groups. Membership participation is not defined by attendance at meetings. Contact the Church office at 786-6333 to learn more or to identify a contact person for each committee.

Opportunities to share your time and talent for the church community:

Committee Descriptions

Church council

Works with the Pastor and the laity to increase the effectiveness of the ministry of the church through supporting and monitoring the relationship between the Pastor and the congregation, working with the Pastor to set goals for the overall ministry of the church and consists of the following standing committees:

Property committee

Responsible to maintain all of the church buildings and grounds as well as to hire contractors for projects and repairs beyond the capacity of church volunteers. Members and friends of St. John’s are always needed to do odd jobs and other tasks to keep the church attractive and safe.

Social Ministry committee

Strives to keep our Social Ministry Committee mission statement in mind — to enlist individual members and organizations of the congregation through education, charity, and advocacy endeavor / to extend Christian compassion, peace and justice, health and wellness to humanity. The Social Ministry Committee through advocacy, action, and relationships participates in the following services: Bread for the World and Churches United international, national, and local hunger ministries and meal sites, environmental stewardship, rebuilding together our neighborhood, and Tanzania / Namanga companion parish and World Relief refugee support.

Finance and Endowment committee

Responsible for all of the Church financial affairs in coordination with the Treasurer and Financial Secretary. Also has fiduciary responsibility for managing and investing church endowments in the forms of wills, trusts, estates and gifts.  

Making Connections committee

Encourages participation of all members in St. John’s ministry to connect visitors, members and neighbors to cultivate community in Christ with the following mission statement: Connecting visitors, members, and neighbors to cultivate a community in Christ to participate in the ministries of St. John’s.

Christian Education committee

Oversees the educational ministry of the church, ensuring that children, youth and adults of all ages are nurtured in the Christian faith.

Worship and Music committee

Acts in an advisory capacity to the Pastor regarding worship services and the spiritual interests of the Church, coordinates with the Pastor the services of worship and administration of the sacraments, and oversees the church’s worship environment.

Interest Groups

Health and Wellness

Focuses on activities for the health and wholeness of the congregation and community. Including but is not limited to: home visitations, health information/education activities, and connection to community resources. The parish nurse and health minister serve on this committee as both active members and liaisons to other ministries within the church. Other interested members of the congregation also serve on this committee.

Garden groupies

Beautifies our outdoor spaces such as the courtyard and other special interest areas immediately surrounding the church building and signage. This includes planting, mulching, weeding, watering and clean up as necessary. The group works closely with the property committee to enhance the appeal of the church grounds.

Nursery committee

The purpose of the Nursery Committee is to offer a nursery that supports families by providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of young children (6wks. – 5yrs.) during worship services and other scheduled events.


Women of the ELCA or WELCA is the women’s organization which provides opportunities for learning, friendship, and service through Bible study, book and interest groups at the congregational level and connects women to the larger synodical and church wide women’s organization.  Study groups include First Thursday, Third Tuesday, and Wine, Women and Word. Interest groups include Lutheran World Relief Quilt-making and Baptismal Quilt group. WELCA events include an Advent Celebration and an All-Daughters’ Dinner.

Kitchen committee

Maintains the supplies in the kitchen and supports the operations and cleanliness of the kitchen, appliances and equipment. Also responsible for providing training to new kitchen users.

Micah House

Micah House is a partnership with Augustana College in which Augustana seniors live in an intentional community committed to servanthood and spiritual journeying. Members of both Augustana and St. John’s administer the various aspects of the ministry.

Van Ministry

The van ministry at St. John’s provides transportation to and from Sunday services and for groups to attend special events. Volunteer participation can include scheduling the drivers, driving the van or vehicle maintenance.

Guy Talk

Brings together men of the congregation who would like to spend an evening in conversation getting to know one another while enjoying beverages and snacks. There are no officers, agendas, reports, dues or “meetings”.